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How is Lulu's House of Flowers Eco-Friendly?

We don't use foam in our arrangements. 

We avoid it as much as possible!

Floral foam is made from synthetic, non-recyclable plastic and is created

using a combination of toxic carbon black, formaldehyde, and phenolic foam.

Floral foam will not dissolve in water or degrade in landfills or soil. Instead, it breaks

down into bits of micro-plastics. These can take thousands of years to completely

revert into natural elements and are a real threat to the environment by contaminating

our marine life and food chains.


We don't use plastic floral picks

Plastic floral picks are normally a one-time use and end up in landfills.

None of our arrangements have plastic floral picks. 


We don't wrap arrangements in plastic.

We don't normally offer hand-tied bouquets because we want to avoid as much

plastic wrapping as possible. Yes, the plastics, and ribbons look pretty but they are

very wasteful. 

However, we do offer to wrap the bouquets in Kraft paper or tissue if our customer

is requesting a hand-tied bouquet. 


We don't use tape. 

Most of them are made with plastic-based materials, meaning that they are made from oil.

This makes them a non-renewable resource.

We instead use "Self Adhesive Kraft Tape- Reinforced Brown Paper Tape from https://www.netzerocompany.com/)

We recycle our green waste. 

We recycle more than just our cardboard.

Green waste, also known as garden waste, is organic waste that is biodegradable and

compostable. It may include flowers, twigs, leaves, weeds, and grass cuttings.

Our green waste is collected weekly by the City of San Jose. 

San José residential yard trimmings are transformed into organic compost, used for

many purposes including local agriculture.