Got Questions?


How do I order? 

The recipient's address goes under "shipping" at check out. Your name and address go under billing. Please be sure to write out the correct delivery address. 

Do you sell Bridal Bouquets/ Weddings? 

Yes we do! please email us for a quote. Most bridal bouquets range from $85-$150 it all depends on the size and flower variety you are looking for. Boutonnieres range from $20-$25. 

Website says " Sold Out"

We sell out very quickly. We are a very small shop and very limited on the amount of orders we take a week.  If we are sold out, we normally restock the following week. We are closed Sundays.

Can I choose time of delivery?

I'm sorry but short answer is no. We get too many orders and its nearly impossible for us to delivery at a specific time for everyone. Most days we only have 1 delivery person. 


Do your arrangements come with a vase? 

Yes, most do, in a 9-inch vase (or smaller). We do not charge for the glass vase :) 

White Ceramic pots will range in cost. 

How long do flowers last?

Flowers are perishables, this is what makes them special. Flowers are very delicate and don't do well in the sun, heat or next to fruit. Fruit produces a gas that makes the flowers wilt quicker. Please note that some flowers naturally last longer that others.  To make the last longer, place your flowers in a cool room away from windows. Mixed bouquets are expected to last 5-6 days, with proper care.

Aren't flowers suppose to last 2 weeks? 

No. Most cut flowers do not last this long. There are very few exceptions. 

Do you offer same day delivery? 

Sometime we can, most days we don't offer this service :( we tend to sell out very quickly. 

Email us to inquire, we are very quick to respond

Do you deliver to cities not listed? 


It depends on how busy we are. We can deliver to a city that is not listed, but not always. 

Please email us for details 

Do you deliver to hospitals

At the moment  we are only delivering to residential homes  or workplace offices. 

The flowers I want are not on your website. How do I order? 

Easy! please email us the type of flowers you are looking for. Most likely, we can get them for you. 

Can you work with my budget? 


Affordability is why we opened Lulu's House of Flowers. Email us your budget and we will do our best to work with you

Do the arrangements come with a card? 

Yes! all of them come with a hand written note card if you choose to leave a note.

Did we fall short in our delivery process, quality, service? or do you love us?

Compliments and Complaints to our Customer Service Manager:

Kristine Lee

Why do you have so many pictures of Lulu and Tofu?

Because they are the light of our life. 

Refund Policy

As the purchaser of items from Lulu's House of Flowers LLC the purchaser agrees that:

All sales are final.
As flowers are perishable items, returns are only accepted under the following circumstances:
All issues must be indicated to us within 24 hours of delivery — if you are calling after hours, please leave a message with a time to reach you.
As items are perishable, we do not issue refunds, however, if the issue cannot be resolved, an in-store credit may be available
Returns are accepted on a “quality” basis only — issues of “not liking” the arrangement is not grounds for a return.
As flowers are perishable, you must water them, otherwise, they will not last long. It is the recipient’s responsibility to re-cut and water the arrangement.
If you are ordering flowers for someone else, be sure you are choosing something they would like — style preferences are not grounds for returns



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